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Articles and Letters from 1938-1995 and 2007-08

Date             Title

3/27/2008  "Group: Timber Plan Flawed"

3/13/2008  "Supervisors Order Study of Deer Overpopulation"

12/2/2007  "Friends of Woods Develop Strategy"

11/21/2007  "Uncommon nonsense about logging" LE

11/13/2007  "Common Sense still leads in White Township" LE

9/26/2007  "Quality of Life issues also deserve attention" LE

9/9/2007  "Conservation Principles Do Apply" LE

7/12/2007  "Woods a priceless treasure." LE

7/12/2007  "Forester asked to do inventory of ash trees in White's Woods"

7/10/2007  "Park is worth more than timber." LE

7/9/2007  "White's Woods debate closer to conclusion"

7/8/2007  "Resident questions White's Woods offer." LE

7/1/2007  "Whatever One Calls It, Timbering is Timbering, Residents Say" LE

6/28/2007  "White's Woods Group Pushes for Land Trust"

6/25/2007  "Abide by Public's Wishes" LE

6/25/2007  "Plan undervalues forest's non-timber products" LE

6/24/2007  "Township Plan is Selective Cutting Not Timbering, Supervisor Says"

6/24/2007  "State Legislators Should Revise Their Definition of Forests." LE

6/24/2007  "Natural Area Will Take Care of Itself" LE

6/24/2007  "Handling of Dispute Questioned" LE

6/23/2007  "Disappointed, Saddened, Over Supervisor's Decision" LE

6/22/2007  "Base timbering on science: not emotion." LE

6/22/2007  "White's Woods and Flash" LE

6/20/2007  "A simple solution to a complex problem." LE

6/20/2007  "Outdoors Question of the Week"

6/20/2007  "Differing World Views at Heart of Dispute" LE

6/19/2007  "Vote on White's Woods a Defeat of Democracy" LE

6/14/2007  "White Township Failed to Heed Public" LE

6/14/2007  "Timbering Plan Approved"

6/14/2007  "Supervisors OK White's Woods Timbering Plan"

6/13/2007  "Public: PROTECT White's Woods"

5/10/2007  "Public meeting set on White's Woods"

5/1/2007  "Study issue before making decision on White's Woods" LE

4/26/2007  "Supervisors hear pleas against tree removal plan"

4/26/2007  "White's Woods should be left to nature" LE

4/22/2007  "White's Woods is a special place" LE

4/21/2007  "Why has timbering plan become an issue again? LE

4/20/2007  "White's Woods: Potential for more than timber" LE (The Penn)

4/18/2007  "Group seeks approval for new fraternity house" (Boro. meeting)

4/17/2007  Verbatim: A roundup of notable quotes

4/17/2007  "Error made in initial plans for White's Woods timbering" LE

4/12/2007  "Tree-Removal Plan Tabled"

4/11/2007  "Residents protest plan that calls for tree removal in White's Woods"

3/29/2007  "Tree Removal Suggested for Promoting Growth "



7/12/1995  Public Opposition Axes Timbering Plan

6/20/1995  Ad placed in Gazette asking for NO cutting

6/12/1995  Original White Township Survey and Results

4/25/1995  Let's Save White's Woods LE

9/1/1995  "Continued citizen input for Woods" LE


01/28/1964 New Park Proposed for White's Woods


09/06/1938 White's Woods - A Public Park

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