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Write A Letter

You can help us by emailing the White Township Board of Supervisors ( to encourage them to accept the Carbon Off-Set Contract.


Contingent on meeting protocol standards, the Township may be offered a 40-year carbon off-set contract for over $211,000 to be paid within the first three to five years.  Simply put, the township must agree to leave WWNC undisturbed for 40 years, except for necessary maintenance.

Some considerations:

  • WWNC would be protected for its intended uses, as defined by Project 70, of recreation, conservation, and history preservation.

  • Project 70 does not permit for-profit timber harvesting.

  • The money, received early in the contract, could be invested and contribute toward an ongoing revenue source for the Township.

  • Protecting the trees helps reduce the impact of climate change, manage stormwater runoff, preserve the value of the surrounding. properties, and allow WWNC to progress toward becoming an old-growth forest.


In summary, accepting the carbon offset contract would protect the environment and WWNC, provide income to the Township, and suggest a shift to a more progressive, responsive government – a win, win, win.

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