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Friends of White’s Woods needs community support to accomplish our mission of protecting WWNC for future generations.  Please contribute by:


  • Joining FWW, so you will receive updates on our email distribution list and invitations to FWW events.


  • Learning about the issues, such as:

    • Carbon capture to protect the environment, the community, and WWNC

    • DCNR regulations for Project 70 lands and public input

    • Management of old-growth forests


  • Volunteering:  we need help with

    • Website maintenance

    • Managing upcoming events, such as the garlic mustard festival, nature walks, etc.

    • Distributing literature


  • Sharing our message:  please reach out to others by:

    • Contacting the township

    • Writing letters to the editor


  • Donating to support our expenses.  Note that:

    • All donations will directly benefit the preservation of White's Woods Nature Center.

    • Donors of $100 or more are eligible to receive their choice of the 2021 limited edition print, In White’s Woods or the 2022 limited edition print, Sunlight’s Dance, while supplies last.

  • Shopping for items on Amazon using after setting your charity to Friends of White's Woods​


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