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For the third time in 25 years, the White Township Supervisors are attempting to timber White’s Woods for profit, each time under the guise of “improving the health of the forest,” and despite the opinion of multiple experts that the very act of timbering and the methods proposed would cause severe, perhaps irreparable harm to the park. 

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4/15/2021Restoration Project at Hartley Wood​” Shari Edelson Director of Operations, The Arboretum at Penn State

3/2/2021–Incentives Offered to Keep our Forests

2/19/2021—New FWW poster for IndiGo Bus, by Chuck Olson

2/3/2021—Do not Timber White's Woods

March 2021 Newsletter

i-Tree Analysis by Davey Tree Expert Company—The dollar value of White's Woods

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