Newspaper Reports or Letters to the Editor (LE) Published in The Indiana Gazette or the Online Magazine The HawkEye

Date             Title

11/22/21 White Township's Deer-Hunt Feedback

11/18/21 Supervisors Approve Advertising 2022 Budget; No Deer Hunt for January

11/17/21 Japanese Barberry Sales to be Banned Statewide

10/14/21 Formation of Woodlot Management Subcommittee Moves Forward

10/7/21 Open House for Proposed Deer Hunting Program

10/5/21 Township Could Get Payment for Leaving Woods Intact

10/1/21 George Lenz Distorts, Misleads on White's Woods Timbering

9/28/21 Carbon Offsets: Producing Income from Valuable Greenspace

8/29/21 Walk in Penn’s Woods on October 2

8/26/21 Citizen Input Matters

8/26/21 Recreation Subcommittee to be Formed

8/18/21 Evergreen Environmental Award

8/17/21 White Township Responds to Letters​

8/12/21 FWW Receives Evergreen Award

8/12/21 Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk to be held September 16

8/11/21 Supervisors Respond to Court Ruling

8/10/21 Judge Denies Injunction Request

8/10/21 Judge Rules on White’s Woods Lawsuit

7/22/21 Sunshine Laws have not been fully met


7/19/21 Local government should be open

7/17/21 Don’t waste taxpayer money on a new timbering plan

7/17/21 Plans made with consideration

7/12/21 Deer hunting plan a public safety issue

6/28/2021 Deer Hunting in White’s Woods?—Not So Fast

6/25/2021 Group Expresses Concern on Position

6/24/2021 White Township Approves Deer Management Plan

6/23/2021 Supervisors Unaware of Project 70 Land Info

6/1/2021 Plan for Woods Must Be Redone


5/23/2021 Webinar Provides Important Information

5/22/2021 White's Woods a Valuable Resource

5/13/2021 Woods Dispute Overshadows Naming of Recreation Board

5/12/2021 White's Woods Nature Center Proposed Committee Does Not Exist

5/1/2021 FWW Suggests State Funding for Long-Term Management Plan for WWNC

5/1/2021 FWW Presents Status Update to Federation of Democratic Women

4/29/2021 Board Receives 17 Applications for Advisory Board

4/22/2021 White’s Woods report: Commendations, Recommendations

4/21/2021 “In White's Woods” Art Offered as FWW Fundraiser

4/20/2021 FWW: DCNR Stand on White's Woods ‘Parallels’ our Stance

4/15/2021 DCNR Commends Efforts, Expresses Concern Over White's Woods

4/6/2021 April 15 Webinar to Illustrate Restoration of Old-Growth Forest

3/30/2021 White Township Supervisor's 'Disconnect'

3/24/2021 White Township Will Allow Some of the Public into its Meetings

3/11/2021 Friends of White's Woods Seek Grants for Nature Center Projects

3/2/2021 Incentives Offered to Keep our Forests

2/3/2021 Do not Timber White's Woods

2/2/2021 Board President Clarifies Article

1/30/2021 Area Native to Lead Webinar on Climate Change

1/29/2021 White Township's Whatchamacallit

1/28/2021 Supervisor's Begin Resurrecting Parks and Rec Commission

1/17/2021 Woods valuable to humans and animals

1/16/2021 Supervisors table proposal on executive sessions

12/31/2020 Webinar to show role of community forest

12/31/2020 Top news stories of the year

12/22/2020 Back to the future or forward to the past

11/25/2020 Woods make community desirable (LE)

11/19/2020 Fight over White's Woods continues with judge's ruling

11/19/2020 Woods group offers free webinars (LE)

11/19/2020 Fight over White's Woods continues with judge's ruling

11/19/2020 Woods group offers free webinars

11/04/2020  Penn State Extension tree webinar scheduled for Nov. 19

10/17/2020 Updated comprehensive plan for White Township made public

10/10/2020 Group sets webinar on White's Woods - Mike Wolf

09/19/2020 Friends of White's Woods to host Zoom seminars

09/10/2020 Woods group has many accomplishments (LE)

09/10/2020 Officials spell out differences of two meal-delivery programs

08/27/2020 Supervisors hear more White's Woods remarks

08/27/2020 Woods issue needs further conversation

08/15/2020 Commission urges public input on White's Woods issue

08/13/2020 Discussions continue on White's Woods issue

08/04/2020 Loophole hurts Sunshine Act (LE)

07/23/2020 "Foresters discuss proposal for White's Woods"

07/22/2020 "Woods vital for birds, community" (LE)

07/22/2020 "Hearing on White's Woods injunction postponed"

07/22/2020 "Concerns aired over White's Woods plan"

07/21/2020 "Supervisors vote to revise public comment policy"

07/19/2020 "Hearing set for Wednesday on White's Woods"

07/09/2020 "Forester discusses White's Woods" (Mike Wolf, Appalachian Forest Consultants)

07/05/2020 "Reader opposes White's Woods plans"

07/03/2020 "FWW adds complaints to lawsuit"

07/01/2020. "Forestry question needs examination"

06/29/2020 "Friends of White’s Woods responds to Mike Lawer" - The HawkEye

06/25/2020 "Draft of White's Woods plan to be available online"

06/14/2020  "White’s Woods forestry - Mike Lawer" - The HawkEye

06/14/2020 "White’s Woods forestry - Dave Babyak" - The HawkEye

06/11/2020  "DCNR studying plans for White's Woods"

06/10/2020  "Public denied a voice in woods decision" (LE)

05/31/2020  "Other attempts to harm woods stopped" (LE)

05/28/2020  "Supervisors table forestry plan"

05/27/2020  "DCNR talks on role in forestry plan"

05/26/2020  "Group files suit over forestry plan"

05/23/2020 "Woods need expertise, public input" (LE)

05/22/2020  "White’s Woods logging - ‘There will be a lot of tears’ - The HawkEye

05/20/2020  "Woods will benefit from working together" (LE)

05/20/2020  "Council members weigh in on plan for White's Woods"

05/19/2020 "Writer weighs in on woods,Trump" (LE)

05/19/2020 "Supervisors have different view on woods" (LE)

05/17/2020 "Timeline spells out White Township's discussion of Millstone"

05/14/2020 "Group questions motive behind proposal for White's Woods"

05/13/2020 "Other ecological factors need considered" (LE)

05/12/2020 "Supervisors should leave the woods alone" (LE)

05/11/2020  "Wooded areas help town economy" (LE)

05/10/2020  "White’s Woods should be left alone" (LE)

05/09/2020  "Logging White’s Woods, version 3.1" - The HawkEye

05/09/2020 "Public deserves input on White’s Woods" (LE)

05/07/2020  "White’s Woods_ Fiction vs. Reality" (LE)

05/06/2020  "Woods should be treasured" (LE)

05/06/2020  "Forester offers point of view" (LE)

04/30/2020  "White’s Woods a community treasure" (LE)

04/30/2020  "Logging will disrupt beauty of woods" (LE)

04/29/2020 "White’s Woods logging will impact many" (LE)

04/23/2020  "Supervisors approve contract for work in White's Woods"

04/22/2020  "Opponents ask for delay of White's Woods forestry proposal"

04/21/2020  "Forester weighs in on White's Woods" (LE)

04/21/2020  "Community deserves say in decision" (LE)

04/16/2020  "Group seeking details of plan for White's Woods" (LE)

04/12/2020  "Supervisors consider removing growth in White's Woods"

09/12/2019  "Supervisors seek extension for Windy Ridge tax break"