2020 Forestry Management Plans



White Township Stewardship Plan (Second Plan)

White Township Stewardship Plan (Large file 10MB) - Prepared by Millstone Land Management and presented to DCNR Bureau of Forestry for review.  

Read Friends of White's Woods Evaluation of the Stewardship Plan.




Millstone Land Management Forestry Plan for White's Woods  (First Plan)


White Township Parks - Preliminary Assessment

White Township Sustainable Forest Management Overview

White's Woods Timber Valuation

Exhibit B - White's Woods Tract #1 - Consulting Service

Friends of White's Woods consulting forester's evaluation of the initial plan.

Recreation Complex Documents

White Township Recreation Complex - Timber Sale Appraisal

White Township Recreation Complex - Exhibit B - 34 Acres - Consulting Services

White Township Recreation Complex - Exhibit B - Additional Information

White Township Recreation Complex - East Pike Treatment #1