Current Status of White's Woods Nature Center

Here is an updated outline of key documents and events regarding the current status of plans for the WWNC. 

  • All activity in WWNC is on hold pending DCNR review of a 100 page draft plan the Township has submitted to the DCNR forester for Indiana County.

  •  DCNR representative spent two days walking in WWNC, and he interviewed many park users.

  • FWW prepared a 253-page response to the Township draft plan.

  • FWW has contracted and received a comprehensive evaluation of WWNC from a forestry consultant who works extensively with DCNR.

  • FWW is scheduling seminars for the public regarding the use of goats to control invasive plants, carbon capture, the impact of forests on controlling stormwater, and measuring the value of the WWNC to the public.

  • FWW has brought suit alleging violations of Sunshine Laws and the Second Class Township Code regarding the bidding process.